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July 15, 2007

For quite a while, I’ve been sending regular e-mails to a number of people about my travels/adventures/wanderings around New York City (NYC).  This blog is intended to make it so that I don’t have to send quite so many e-mails and to allow me the chance to use my highly sophisticated new digital camera to post pictures.

My usual weekly output is a few pages long.  Keeping in mind “a picture is worth a thousand words”, my output may become comparatively enormous.  Or maybe not.

Whatever.  In any case, I have found that NYC is nearly endlessly fascinating and that I really enjoy wandering the streets and describing what I’ve found.  If you’re looking to find some interesting club tips and restaurant reviews; sorry.  I’m a cheap man and I enjoy just wandering about and finding interesting sights and events that can confront you when you wander NYC.

I always remember Woody Allen’s quote about New York City:  that it’s a place you can order moo goo gai pan at 4am on a Sunday morning.  Not that you would ever want it, but the point is that you can get it.  New York provides and omnipresent and overwhelming series of options to explore.  That overload is almost a challenge.



Hello world!

July 15, 2007

I just started this blog on Let’s see how it works.

Big brother Mark and me at our most sophisticated and suave. 

Your host at his sophisticated best.

And thanks to my inability to notice a timestamp problem, this looks like it’s a later-in-the-day post rather than the first!