My camera

I am now in the possession of the digital camera of my dreams!  Actually, it’s only a “dream camera” because it’s so cheap/inexpensive:  $20.  It has 8mb of memory and 640×480 VGA resolution.  I’ve been mulling over doing a blog just to cut down on multiple e-mails and to let me do some pictures rather than just describe what I’ve seen over the past.  But, being cheap, I wanted to test out my fortitude with minimal cost outlay before I commit to a decent camera.  I’ve seldom felt the need to take many pictures over the past years, but moving to NYC has given me some desire to do more than refer people to wikipedia or books or to their own imagination.

In the next few posts, I’ll put up some pictures and you’ll see the (pretty poor) resolution, but I can always get a new camera to take more pictures if I find the desire to continue this. 


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  1. Corinne Says:

    Thanks ffor the post

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