Why are my ankles famous?

This is an inside joke from one of my previous “adventures” in Manhattan.  One thing that I’ve found out about myself is that I pretty much enjoy parades.  Not so much for the parades, but for what happens in them and the general aura of people-watching that it brings out in me. 

On April 22, 2007, I went to the Greek Independence Day Parade held on Fifth Avenue and found myself standing next to two incredibly cute twin girls about 4 or 5 years old.  They were dressed in traditional Greek outfits and their parents had them sitting on the curb.  The parents, apparently Greek in origin, taught the girls to cry out “Zito Elada”, which apparently is the phrase-of-the-day for that parade.  At first, the girls were a little quiet but, after encouragement from their parents, discovered that yelling out “Zito Elada” brought them lots of attention and they liked it.  The attention was such that people in the parade, including official-type photographers, were snapping these girls’ pics constantly.  In later comments to others, I joked that my ankles had earned celebrity points throughout all of Greece. 

Once I started thinking about doing a blog, I considered naming it something like “wanderingNYC” or “NYCwanderer”, but they just didn’t seem to have the cache of “famous ankles”.


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One Comment on “Why are my ankles famous?”

  1. […] is to see things other than the parade itself.  My “Famous Ankles” name comes from the Greek Independence Day parade in which my ankles became relatively famous by being next to two adorable little girls who received […]

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