I like to think that I’ve lived in a relatively large number and variety of places and that I’ve generally enjoyed living in them.  However, none of those places so instantly captivated me as New York City did.   I’ve lived in Manhattan since June 2004 and find myself wandering around and seeing new things/events on a weekly basis.

This blog is written to document my wanderings and discoveries within the five boroughs.  Okay, mostly Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens (although I know I’ll show up in Staten Island someday, if only to take the Ferry).

Your host (on left) at his sophisticated best.That’s Famous Ankles on the left (with Big Bro Mark).

Over time, I’ve started to get a second meaning for the term “Famous Ankles”.  I’ve started remembering the old Nero Wolfe stories and how Archie Goodwin would “ankle” about doing Wolfe’s directives.  In a way, I’m ankling around NYC and documenting the famous places and things that I see.  Even if only I think they’re famous and worth ankling to.

The formal story:  https://famousankles.wordpress.com/2007/07/15/why-are-my-ankles-famous/

7 Comments on “About”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Very cool picture of you and big bro— looks just like you

  2. Jim Says:

    H: Happy New Year! Stay safe out there – looking forward to reading more ‘ankling’ posts in 2008

  3. Brooklyn Billy Says:

    Hello. I found your website by mistake, but it looks good. I try to keep up with all that’s happening in New York, but it can’t be done. I’m glad to see there are others trying out there. Keep up the good work!

  4. “About Famous Ankles” genuinely got myself addicted with ur web-site!
    I actuallywill probably be returning considerably more frequently.
    With thanks -Dorthea

    • Sachin Says:

      supageti:對呀 寫的都是有感而發 有時候純為過把癮 但到近日 除非是很喜歡的題材 字數刻意減少了兩到四成 寧願有心機就多寫一篇 largeheadboy:我的書有大量原裝英國插圖嘛 新增項目才畫圖 但基於與英國簽訂的合約只授權翻譯出版 很少加料 近年多用照片 開始要處理版權問題 都要我們編輯做 放心 現在中學行 三加三 大量教材要重新編寫 egagplssh:任我心腸多毒 說話多辣 始終還是女人對女人的批評最刻薄到肉 是讚美啊 :)對林燕妮的人和文字的觀感跟你一樣 像上兩期說坐私人飛機就是 但這篇談她的見解 故不評論其人了

  5. Ma:mieux que Ma et Li va gérer un groupe de personnes Yu Ge: Pourquoi vanté Meng Zhi: Anglais Hong Kong ongles d’insertion

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