Today’s Church service and the purchase of a camera

As is my habit, I went to Church a little early today and ended up in Times Square a bit early for the service.  It was relatively hot and humid, so I decided to stop at Duane Reade to cool off and just look around.  I went in and was astonished:  a simple, small, inexpensive digital camera.  Only $20.  Not bad; okay, it’s actually dirt cheap.  I recently started to think about blogging and knew that I’d want to include pictures, but a half decent camera is $300 and if I didn’t feel like continuing the blogging, the camera would quickly turn worthless as it would go out of date.  Also, it seems extreme to buy a really nice camera that would generate huge files that people would have to download.  I figured that VGA cheaply done or VGA expensively generated would be about all I’d want.

So, this camera occupied way too much of my thoughts during today’s service.  Incidentally, we had about 11 people at the service.

After I left, I went straight back and bought the camera and some batteries.  I started taking pictures right away.  Wow, are they sub-optimal.  Here’s the Coca-Cola sign at one end of Times Square.

Times Square Coca Cola Sign

And here’s another.  This time it is the view of the square itself including the building where they drop the “ball”.

Times Square

Perhaps it’s an incentive to get a better camera…after a while.


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