Union Square – an “amazing” visit

I’ve always said that something is always happening at Union Square.  Today….nothing was going on.  Maybe that’s what was happening.

Two weeks ago, I went there and found that the 1960’s had re-arrived big time.  Last week, the NY Times apparently had an article saying essentially the same thing.  This week, the 1960’s were mostly gone from Union Square.  Actually almost everything was gone.


I didn’t understand it and still don’t.  It usually has some sort of festival or protest.  What?  Are people too content that they don’t come out here nowadays?  Or is it that the fact that the NY Times has highlighted the trend and now the trendoids refuse to take part in it lest they be branded as…”trendoids”?  Nah.  Maybe I just showed up a little early for a planned huge demonstration or maybe there were “official” protests taking part somewhere else and that left Union Square empty.

Well, there were the usual artists showing their work:

 Union Square - artists’ row

My favorite was this guy below.  Notice the kilt and the wheelchair.  Okay, I sort of understand the kilt, but I don’t really want to think about the wheelchair (the guy appeared fully able).

 Artist with kilt and wheelchair

 After viewing it, I note that my picture of the kilt doesn’t really show, but he had one.  And the wheelchair doesn’t really show, either.  I guess I need to get better at this photography thing.

And the farmers’ market area was empty!!!!!

 Union Square - Farmers Market

I did check and it appeared that there was some sort of preparation for filming.  I didn’t bother to wait for anything to happen.  With filming, nothing ever happens.


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