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Tompkins Square Park Protest

April 29, 2008

I was recently down in the Alphabet City area and wandered through Tompkins Square Park.  While there, I saw a protest in progress at the southern part of the park.

The protest seemed centered around a bunch of mailing boxes with slogans.

Forgive me, but I couldn’t figure it out.

Some of the slogans were about Washington Square Park (undergoing renovations and no longer the center of protest activity).  Others were about “stop strangulation in higher education” and “power to the sheeple”.

 I do know that there was another sort of “park protest” going on in Union Square (I’ll post on that separately), so there is a point to the protest.  If I had to guess, the authorities (yeah, those guys) are starting to crack down on the protestors in Union Square just like they did in Washington Square Park.  That’s sad, if only because there are a lot of New Yorkers who really, really, really need a place to do their rants.


Union Square After the Snowfall

February 24, 2008

Friday’s snowfall affected Union Square on Saturday, at least to some extent.  On weekends, even in the dead of winter, there’s always something going on there.  But when I walked through there on Saturday, I got the definite feeling that very little was happening.


Just wet and slushy.  There was just the tiniest hint of current snow in the air, so I expected that the artists wouldn’t be out peddling their wares.  And for the most part, that was correct.  The guys below were just about the only ones there.


But the dogs were there (as you would expect).


And the farmers market was going strong.


The prettiest part of the walk through was the actual park.  There was still plenty of snow on the ground.


But the interesting part was right smack in the middle of the square itself.  Just a plaintive little display showing that hope for a better tomorrow lurks just beneath the surface.


It’s an ad for lifeguards for this summer.  It’s looking for “whistle worthy” East Coast versions of David Hasslehoff and Pamela Lee.


Union Square Dog Run

February 22, 2008

I recently posted on the Tompkins Square Park dog run and how it was considered one of the top dog runs around.  I made the comment that I’ve never seen a dog run with any grass in it and decided I’d go ahead and post on the one dog run that I see on a regular basis:  in Union Square.

Actually, it’s in the park connected to the square.


Generally, the place is jammed, but the one time I decided to take some pictures, there were just a couple of dogs in the whole place.


The place is small…and not a blade of grass.



Interviewer Contortions at Obama Table in Union Square

January 8, 2008

As it is the day of the New Hampshire primary, I thought I’d do my little bit of election posting regarding something I watched in Union Square on Sunday.

I haven’t seen any of the presidential ads yet, probably because NYC isn’t on their radar yet or maybe because they think that it’s a gimmee for Hillary.  But, for the first time this cycle, I have spotted a group pushing their candidate:  Barack Obama.


As you can see, it’s sparsely attended.  Hey, it’s cold and we don’t have an immediate primary on the horizon.  Also, it’s just a table in the square.  I just noted it as the first I’ve seen.

But what I loved was a vignette going on behind the table.  There was a small film crew (reporter and cameraman) interviewing one of the staff.  I never heard a word.  I don’t know if it was a news reporter or a campaign reporter.

But I loved the contortions.





The interviewer was apparently trying everything she could to keep out of the frame but have the mic close to the speaker.  The speaker was game and never seemed to blink as the reported kept changing stances.  Although, on close inspection she is cracking a smile on the third picture.


CBS Interactive Art at Union Square

January 5, 2008

Maybe this has spread far and wide, but I’ve recently seen an interesting phenomena where technology allows people to interact physically with projected pictures.  The most elaborate have been games where you “herd” ducks into a nest (that’s located in the South Street Seaport), but when I was at Union Square, I ran into this one and wasn’t the only one who found it interesting.


The sign was normally just a blue background with a “CBS Outdoors” logo projected onto a tile wall.  Whenever someone walked between the projector and the wall, it would cause a cascade of “bubbles” as if the person’s walk caused cavitation.


Utterly of no use, it was nonetheless visually interesting.  But, then, I’m easily amused.  And I wasn’t the only one; there were about 3 of us watching as people did “the walk”.