Interviewer Contortions at Obama Table in Union Square

As it is the day of the New Hampshire primary, I thought I’d do my little bit of election posting regarding something I watched in Union Square on Sunday.

I haven’t seen any of the presidential ads yet, probably because NYC isn’t on their radar yet or maybe because they think that it’s a gimmee for Hillary.  But, for the first time this cycle, I have spotted a group pushing their candidate:  Barack Obama.


As you can see, it’s sparsely attended.  Hey, it’s cold and we don’t have an immediate primary on the horizon.  Also, it’s just a table in the square.  I just noted it as the first I’ve seen.

But what I loved was a vignette going on behind the table.  There was a small film crew (reporter and cameraman) interviewing one of the staff.  I never heard a word.  I don’t know if it was a news reporter or a campaign reporter.

But I loved the contortions.





The interviewer was apparently trying everything she could to keep out of the frame but have the mic close to the speaker.  The speaker was game and never seemed to blink as the reported kept changing stances.  Although, on close inspection she is cracking a smile on the third picture.


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