Union Square After the Snowfall

Friday’s snowfall affected Union Square on Saturday, at least to some extent.  On weekends, even in the dead of winter, there’s always something going on there.  But when I walked through there on Saturday, I got the definite feeling that very little was happening.


Just wet and slushy.  There was just the tiniest hint of current snow in the air, so I expected that the artists wouldn’t be out peddling their wares.  And for the most part, that was correct.  The guys below were just about the only ones there.


But the dogs were there (as you would expect).


And the farmers market was going strong.


The prettiest part of the walk through was the actual park.  There was still plenty of snow on the ground.


But the interesting part was right smack in the middle of the square itself.  Just a plaintive little display showing that hope for a better tomorrow lurks just beneath the surface.


It’s an ad for lifeguards for this summer.  It’s looking for “whistle worthy” East Coast versions of David Hasslehoff and Pamela Lee.


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