Washington Square Park in Winter

Just a follow-on to my recent post on Union Square in winter.

Washington Park, one of the great little parks, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, remains mostly closed for renovations.  That didn’t stop the snow, though.


There are still parts that are open, though.  It made for a pleasant visual as I passed by.


But most of the snow in NYC is now gone.  There are still pockets of it, but I wouldn’t count on even those pockets to hold out the rest of the week.


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2 Comments on “Washington Square Park in Winter”

  1. Your photo caption totally sidesteps the tragedy
    currently unfolding at Washington Square.
    Viewers of your blog may find out more about
    Washington Square and the process leading up
    to the current bulldozing lack of access to two thirds of the park

    This is not a “renovation” project at all; this project, instigated
    by NYU and spearheaded by the NYC Parks Dept, is a radical
    redesign of historic Washington Square in which the fountain plaza
    and amphitheatre have been destroyed, 8 fully mature healthy trees
    around the fountain have been razed, all in the name of pretended
    order to align the fountain with the arch, contrary to STanford White’s
    original siting of the arch. And another 20 or more trees are to be cut
    as part of Phase I, as well as relocation of major statues, dog runs
    and major walkways.
    see also http://preservewashingtonsquarepark.com

  2. Progress Says:

    The post by nothingofficial reminds me of a Carole King concert I saw a couple of years ago. She was bemoaning the construction of a road through her isolated Northwestern U.S. state. She cited ecological concerns, but really it was just a case of NIMBYism dressed up as social activism. NYU is a great neighbor and has contributed a ton to NYC and the world. Parks are in short supply, but perhaps we could tear down a few old apartment buildings and put up a nice park. Oh yeah, that would be anti-poor. Or maybe we could tear down a skyscraper. Oh yeah, that would be anti-commerce. Well, maybe we could move to the suburbs. Oh yeah, then we wouldn’t have the city ambience with the cool clubs, restaurants and universities. Oh yeah, that’s where this all started – allowing NYU to help a few more people.

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