Bryant Park Starts to Come to Life

The weather is warming up (quite significantly over the past few days) and people are starting to go out and stay out more and more. I was recently wandering past Bryant Park (42nd Street and 6th Avenue) and saw people starting to move out onto the square. Soon it will become a sea of people intermixed with a little grass.

People, including me, love this area. It’s very people friendly (note the chairs and small tables) with amenities and views that are hard to beat. That’s the back of the NY Public Library in the background.

There are even free books to read for people. New York is really good about that sort of thing.

Incidentally, I did get to the Puerto Rican Day Parade today, but haven’t had the chance to write up anything.  It’s taken me hours just to select the photos and re-name them.  Maybe I’ll post tomorrow on it.


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