Puerto Rican Day Parade Part 1

Sunday was the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in Manhattan. It, I believe, is the largest parade in Manhattan. And the loudest. I had my rules (posted Friday) and mostly followed them.

I was at 53rd Street on 5th Avenue. Not a bad spot, but one I thought I might have to defend at one point. I got there around 10am and it was the first open spot on the route that I found (having walked up from about 49th). After I was there for about 10 minutes, a man and woman walked up and announced that they had reserved the spot. I sputtered “reserved?” in an incredulous voice and then said I had been there for 10 minutes. They counter-announced that they had been there and had left to get breakfast. I thought better of saying the obvious counterpoint. And then they said that their family was right there, too. Next time, folks, tell your family to announce your “reservation”. I didn’t budge. Not true. I shifted over about 4 inches. I was in a rebellious mood and didn’t want to give up a good spot in the shade.

Anyway, that’s where the argument began and ended. They fit in with the rest of their family and we didn’t speak again. No threats or anything like that; just a brazen announcement made that was supposed to chase me off. But I guess I was more stubborn than they expected.

After an hour, the parade started. It’s a big parade. I didn’t make it all the way through and still ended up with way too many pictures.

First, the Hispanic Police group.

After them, as usual, came the dignitaries. Lots of them. I didn’t know I had taken his picture, but the guy in the white shirt, center, is Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

My area was pretty popular with reporters. I figure that if they wanna block my view, I can take a picture of the back of their heads. I believe this is a NY1 reporter and cameraman.

And the dignitaries kept on coming. Here’s the City Council.

A break in the dignitaries to give a real important person a chance to meet us: Miss Puerto Rico, Jenice Marie. (Forgive the open-mouth shot, it’s the only one that came out reasonably clear.)

A number of areas of Puerto Rico were represented. I really could never figure out the beginning/end of these groups. But this is the Lajas group. The cop in the picture was around for about half the parade.

Lajas beauty queens. I don’t remember quite as many beauty queens last year. This year, zillions of ’em. Not complaining…

Lajas dancers. This was one of the best groups I saw all day. I liked the liveliness and the native costumes.

I think Parguera is another area of Puerto Rico. Might be part of Lajas, might not be. See what I mean when I said I just couldn’t tell about area designations?

And this was the Lajas Folklore Ballet group. So, we’re still in Lajas…maybe. No dancing by this group. Just walking and looking elegant.

More dignitaries showed up. This was NYC Assemblyman Reuben Diaz, Jr.

Another dignitary. The one and only Congressman Anthony Weiner, complete with bullhorn and sign bearers. I’m proud of this shot. I call it the “Weiner Run” and I see him do it all the time. He’ll go to the side and talk/shake hands and then bolt out from that group as if he’s spotted someone he knows further on. It gives him a chance to break away from the handshaking. I don’t envy him doing this for a couple of miles in that heat! And it was as hot and humid and NYC summers get.

This guy had a more leisurely way of getting around: roller blades. He just looks like a character and certainly drew a lot of attention.

Heck if I know who these ladies were. Beauty queens. Yeah, that’s fine. But put something where people can read it, please. The hood says “Piratas Del” something and “Arroyo 2008”. I dunno.

I saw these guys and thought “Navy”. Wrong. It’s the U.S. Public Health Service.

Dancers! More specifically, The Little Branches of Borinquin. Borinquin or Borenquin is an area in Puerto Rico. These were pretty good dancers.

I love this one. This is part of a big group from Banco Popular, a well-known and very large bank in Puerto Rico. Well, they had a beauty queen. And why shouldn’t they?

I like this shot. I would never confuse Chuck Schumer with Banco Popular beauty queens, but maybe others did.

This is Senator Chuck Schumer. Puerto Rican for the day. He was talking constantly in Spanish over the bull horn.

A new area of Puerto Rico: Ponce. And they’ve got their beauty queens. She looks like she oughta be in Carnivale.

My final picture of today’s post is another beauty queen. Who was she representing? Why Goya, of course. I have some of their beans in my cupboard. You probably do, too.

As I said earlier. It was hot. And muggy. And hot. I had on some really good sunscreen and did survive without a burn.


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