Big Apple Barbeque Block Party 2008

Do you want good BBQ? Great BBQ? NYC’s the place for you, but only for two days a year. And today is one of those days (tomorrow’s the other). Every year…well, at least for the past six years…New York plays host to a mess o’ the best barbeque you could hope for. Vendors come from Mississippi, they come from Texas, they come from a whole host of places and they set up shop in Madison Square Park and sell BBQ and coleslaw.

You may notice that the crowds are pretty fair in size. You know what they say don’t you? “If you cook it they will come.”

The park’s a perfect place for the BBQ. It’s in the midst of the City and yet it’s a bit of an oasis. NYC does parks right. Anyway, the vendors set up all around the periphery of the park and, this year at least, actually had a whole lot of stuff inside the park. I was here last year and I swear it’s much bigger this year. Of course, I came late on a Sunday that time so some of the vendors may have already left.

Below is one of the places that I ate from. Ubon’s had pulled pork sandwiches with a really good cole slaw. You don’t find good slaw in this town, either.

I went to two places this year and grabbed a sandwich from each. One thing I learned last year: go to the place with the longest line. And the lines are really long. Some can be a couple of hundred yards long. The place below served something a little different: Brunswick Stew. I like it, but it doesn’t compare with more traditional BBQ fare.

The next picture is from just across the street to the east. The crowds were impressive.

The one thing that made me curious. I think last year they called it BarbequeFest. This year, Big Apple Barbeque Block Party.

Hey, doesn’t matter. The food was great.

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