NYC Interview 002

Hey folks.  It’s my second interview of an unsuspecting NYC resident.  Like I said in my last one:  “there are eight million stories” and this is my attempt to give out a few of them. Today’s story, or what I have of a story, is from Frances Woodruff, a long-term resident of the Lower East Side.


Frances is originally from Spartenburg, South Carolina. She’s been here for years and is feeling the push of the continuing real estate boom here. It’s not as bad as it was, but she’s feeling the pressure of the higher cost to stay in the City and is starting to think about moving out. Those costs are her absolute least favorite part of living here.

Nevertheless, she loves the options that living in the City provide to her and to all of us. Like me, she’s particularly enamoured by Union Square and is there often (I ran into her at Tompkins Square Park right across from the dog run). But she was quick to point out that the Time Warner Building is the can’t-miss part of NYC that she would recommend everyone see.

In terms of her Three Favorite Facts About NYC, Frances chose:

  • g. The Apollo Theater’s amateur night shows are great. Bring back the hook!
  • q. Battery Park has no relation to Everready or Duracell. The Energizer Bunny’s been spotted in the area, though.
  • z. Good BBQ in NYC? Dream on.

Frances, thanks for being a great interview.


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