Fulton Street Undergoing Repairs

Fulton Street is in the Financial District of NYC and is undergoing extensive repairs. The street extends east-west from Seaport area in the east to the World Trade Center area and PATH train station in the west.

I love seeing what’s under the streets in NYC.

This is just the first few feet down, of course. The subway lies well under this and, I think, parts of the water system.

It is a fair hodge-podge of pipes and wires and forms and the like. NYC’s been putting stuff down there for a very long time (as least by USA standards) and I imagine there are a number of surprises found on a regular basis.

Of course, the next picture shows it so crowded below ground that you wonder how anything can be done without shutting down half of downtown every time they need to do a little digging.

The big grating shown below is, I believe, part of the subway system that lies just below the street. One thing about Fulton Street is how many entrances it has to the subway. It is a major hub because all of the lines are converging into the narrower parts of southern Manhattan before the lines end (such as the 1 line) or they cut over to Brooklyn.

A bit more than halfway across the island, and just before Broadway, the construction ends.


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2 Comments on “Fulton Street Undergoing Repairs”

  1. Cuzin Cathy Says:

    Great pics of the “upper” underground of Manhattan. Have been enjoying your interviews too, what a good idea!

  2. Bob B Says:

    I feel like I am at work looking at a construction site. As you noticed, a lot of utilities beneath the average street, and that causes the construction costs to skyrocket.

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