Clown Ride in Greenwich Village

This is a little ridiculous, but I’ll post on it anyway.

In my March 12 post, I mentioned finding out about the Bike Lane Liberation Clown Ride scheduled for Saturday, March 15.  Well, decided to go there and then I messed up my view of the event.

It was scheduled for 2:30pm and I got to the site long before it happened.  I did wander around Greenwich Village and have a number of posts from that wandering that I’ll post on over the coming days/week.

Here’s the site of the gathering.  (A clown gathering, what a concept!)


It’s a bike rental/sales store located on Morton Street.  The picture is taken from Greenwich Street.  At about 2pm, I walked past and found only a handful of people there, and only one in clown makeup.  I didn’t stop in, not wanting to be accosted as a clown stalker.  Or maybe I was terrified of being drawn into the clown side.

I walked by a bit later and found a few others gathering there, but still only two or three in costume.  So, I decided to stake out what I suspected to be part of their route.


I was all prepared.  I also managed to catch the owner of “The Love Bike” in her quest to reach the clown gathering!


Yes, there’s a dog with her.  Not necessarily a clown dog, but definitely a clown’s dog.

So, I walked by again and saw that the crowd had grown.  I proceeded around the block to catch them at their rideoff…and they apparently went out before I reached my viewing point.  Or maybe they took a different route.

I’m a lousy clown hunter.  Ditched by them without so much as a honk of a nose horn.


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