Movie Shoot in Greenwich Village

If you’re in NYC for any length of time, you start to see these sorts of signs all over the place.  And the prettier/grittier the place, the more often you see them.


It’s a notice that, if you had parked on this street (Greenwich Street) on Sunday, March 16th, you’d have been towed away.  They’re making a movie called “New York, I Love You”.

Hey, I sympathize with the sentiment.  I checked IMDB and they have this.  At this time, the entry is pretty bare, but it says that 12 filmmakers are making an anthology based on the title’s premise.  The directors and actors seem like a pretty first-rate crew, too.  But, then, I don’t go to movies that often so I only recognized about a third of the names.

But, like I said, I like the sentiment of the title.

I still have a problem with the sentiment of the notice, though.  NYC really lets the movie/TV industry have their way on everything.  I don’t know if I really like giving these guys the right to block off entire streets for hours/days.  But, it does let people see NYC in its best light.

I don’t know where they’re filming, as these signs go up not only next to the location of the shots, but to areas they are going to be parking all of the vehicles used in carrying cameras and food and actors and all.  But, I did see some photogenic looking buildings here.


Yeah, that’s the same sign.


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