The Love Bike

You see a post with a name like “The Love Bike” and it makes me wonder what you think you’re going to see.

Is it a Harley?  Some sort of huge motorcycle?

How about a Honda?  They used to have one of the great slogans:  “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”.  That was before they did cars and mowers and all.

Perhaps a tandem bike.  You know, a bicycle built for two.

Nah.  Nothing so exotic.


It’s too late for Valentines, so this must be a year-round Love Bike.

Actually, there was a clue to it in the basket.  There was a pamplet for a “Bike Lane Liberation Clown Ride” for March 15 (a Saturday).  They’re planning on having clown makeup and everything.

I know people who fear clowns.  I hope they aren’t wandering around Manhattan and run across a mess o’ clowns dedicated to protecting their turf.


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2 Comments on “The Love Bike”

  1. […] my March 12 post, I mentioned finding out about the Bike Lane Liberation Clown Ride scheduled for Saturday, March […]

  2. stuckinmypedals Says:

    Hi, I’d like to use your photo, and give you credit of course, on my blog. If that’s not okay with you, let me know and I’ll remove the photo immediately. Thanks.

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