Bellevue Hospital

Long before I set foot in NYC, I had heard of Bellevue.  It seemed to be a staple element of detective novels and crime dramas and the occasional biography that I read.  It was always associated with the worst-of-the-worst sorts of situations:  shootings, stabbings, rape, the homeless and their afflictions, and often psychiatric disorders.

Bellevue is apparently the oldest public hospital in the US (founded 1736), and I can say this:  it is big.  And, amazingly enough, located right next door to another huge hospital center:  NYU Medical.

And it is located very close to where I live.  It’s around 29th Street and 1st Avenue.

When I saw this sign, all I could think about is that it looked somewhat gothic and cool.


But it isn’t the main building or the main gate or anything in particular.  The main building seems pretty modern.


Not what I would have expected from such an old institution with its gritty past.  But the front is just a facade.  Inside has to be one of the coolest entrances to a hospital that I’ve ever seen.  I’m not sure of it, but the glass exterior in the picture above is sort of an add-on and they’ve restored (or seemed to) the old hospital front in a sort of mall-like setting.

And I, idiot that I am, forgot to take a picture.  Actually, they prohibit pictures in there, and they’ve got plenty of security.  However, I could have snuck an easy picture without really violating anything as I’d technically be outside of the real entrance area.  However, I was concerned about the light and my flash and didn’t want to bring myself to their attention.

But it gives me an excuse to go back at a better time.

Anyway, this is only one of many buildings in the complex.  They, too, give me a reason to go back, but I don’t know that I’d be able to wander amongst the buildings.  I guess I’ll find out.



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2 Comments on “Bellevue Hospital”

  1. Vivien Armour Says:

    I was wondering where exactly the cool gothic bellevue gates are located. I’m filming a student film and need a shot of them.

    thanks 🙂

  2. FamousAnkles Says:

    I wrote this more than 2 years ago and haven’t re-visited the area. All I can point to is 1st and around 29th Street. You’ll see a setback area just like the picture shows.


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