Ankling to Princeton (Part 1)

I actually left NYC for a few hours and visited the wilds of New Jersey.  In fact, I even went so far as to get into Pennsylvania.  That close to the edge of the earth, isn’t it?

Actually, it was great.  NYC is very compact and built up and going to the suburbs and beyond is a real break.  There’s a real pleasure going to a place where the crowds are light and everything is spread out.  As usual, I get delighted by the mildest and most mundane things.

A co-worker invited me out to look for a chair out there.  I really cannot find the sort of chair that I want in Manhattan and there was a store that sort of carried them.  So I went out to Princeton and we drove out to Pennsylvania to look.  There wasn’t a great deal of luck, but it was better than nothing.

On my part, I was amazed at the size of the parking spaces for cars.  Such luxury!

Anyway, on the way back, we stopped in Princeton to look at the University.


It’s a little over 250 years old and is very attractive.


Yeah, they take “Ivy League” seriously there.  It isn’t on all of the buildings by any means, but a bunch of them.


Something that I liked was that they had a real variety of architecture.  It makes sense, of course, but I hadn’t given it much thought and wasn’t expecting the different styles.




The next place was being used for a private party.  Apparently some kid was having a bar mitzvah.  I just wouldn’t expect a kids’ party (okay, it’s a coming of age party for a 13-year old or so) at someplace like Princeton.  Mom and/or Dad must be an alumn and are putting some pressure on junior(?).


The next was a cool little walkway we walked down.


As grand a place and as historic a place as it is, it really felt just like it is:  a university.  It’s a great place and I wish it would have been a place I could have gone to.

In my next post, I’ll cover some of the artwork and the town of Princeton.


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2 Comments on “Ankling to Princeton (Part 1)”

  1. Bob [B] Says:


    I enjoyed the pictures of Princeton. My great-grandfather on my mother’s side was a Princeton graduate.

    Happy Birthday to you! Hope all is well.

  2. famousankles Says:

    Thanks Bob. I hadn’t realized that about your ancestry.


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