Hell Gate in NYC

Hell Gate is actually a river junction just off the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  There’s a great view of it from Gracie Mansion.  Or, I think there is but the fence is high on that side of Gracie and I can’t see if they have a sightline.  Well, they’re elevated so they probably have no problem looking over their own fence.

It’s technically between an island on the East River and Queens, but I’ll claim it for Manhattan.  I’ve thought of it where the Harlem River and the East River join.  You can definitely see some tumult in the river at that point and it is a really nice view.


There’s a wonderful pathway along the river at that point.  Lots of trees and joggers.


Below is a southward view.


I have to admit that supplying benches is something that NYC does very well.

Below you can glimpse some of the swirling water that typify the area.



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