Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas Window Display

Saks generally has one of the best window displays during the Christmas season.  Macy’s is pretty good too (of course).

On a recent day I walked over toward Saks and got the following pictures.  First, the front of the store.  Soon, I’ll post one of it at night when it is very cool.  Notice the snowflakes.  They are lit at nights.


Like most of the store windows, Saks mixes “season windows” and “selling windows”.  One thing I really like about the Saks windows is that there are tie-ins with St. Judes Hospital.  First a selling window.


Now some season windows.



Notice the rails in the pictures.  Saks funnels viewers from north to south through those to give them a better view.  When the area gets crowded, it proves its worth.


This year, there seems to be a “snowman” theme.



But this is a commercial store and the first few windows are selling ones (I took my pictures from south to north, just…because).




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2 Comments on “Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas Window Display”

  1. Americaneer Says:

    Something soft, Something Sleek, Something Saks….. Something Expensive. How was business for Saks at that time?

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