Ankling to Princeton (Part 2)

So, there I was in Princeton University…and there in the distance I saw a mighty sight…

What say you these be…these black forms in the distance?


As for me, I call them giant teeth.  You can see the roots.  So, they’re teeth.

Is that the famed school of dentistry?  Does Princeton have a famed school of dentistry?

I’m told that the building these “teeth” are in front of is the art school.

I’m told these “teeth” are really human forms.  Perhaps they’re headless.  As I got closer, I could tell that they are human shapes.  Maybe the heads are down (in shame?).  Or maybe just tiny heads.  The “roots” are actually legs.

I reject that!  They’re teeth!

We ran into some other art.  Here’s the Canvas of Wishes, a wooden lattice where ordinary folks are encouraged to tie fabric.


I say “bleh” and I say the other ones are teeth and that’s grand art!

If I had wanted to get my mind off of the human teeth statues, this bit of art was just the thing.


Yes, that’s a statue of two men.  One is bound with rope and on his knees looking up in supplication to a bearded man who is holding a knife.

I have no idea what this statue represents.  I didn’t see a plaque, but I have to admit I didn’t look too closely for one.  I don’t notice any particular ethnicity that this might be trying to represent. 

Finally, a more famous statue:  Out to Lunch by J Seward Johnson Jr.


More importantly to the art, we had lunch at the famed Alchemist and Barrister Restaurant and Pub.  The hamburger is very good, but the fries are unusual and really, really good.



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2 Comments on “Ankling to Princeton (Part 2)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    this blog shows that you need to exercise your brain a bit more.

  2. Former student Says:

    The statue of the man with the knife standing over the man on his knees with his hands bound represents Abraham and Isaac. It was commissioned to commemorate the four students killed at Kent State in May 1970. Kent State rejected it, but Princeton accepted it.

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