NYC’s Least Successful Undercover Police Car

But what do I know?  Stealthy NYC cops probably cruise around in this catching perps by the hundreds who have absolutely no idea of the identity of the occupants.  I’m not quite so easily fooled.



The bumper sticker gives it away.  It’s on every cop car in the city.


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3 Comments on “NYC’s Least Successful Undercover Police Car”

  1. not stupid Says:

    looks like a civilian with a NYPD decommissioned NYPD P71 trying his best not to impersonate a cop by temporarily “removing” the marks.

    What did I look at? the license plates =_=

  2. Geri Says:

    Thanks for irntdoucing a little rationality into this debate.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You’re an idiot. It’s either decommissioned, or (more likely) a prop car being used for a TV show or movie. They have to cover up lights and markings while not filming and driving around in public.

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