Bryant Park Gift Shops

When Christmas comes to NYC, there are a number of inescapable direct commercial tie-ins.  There are the Christmas windows in the major department stores and then there are shops opening up in common areas such as Bryant Park and Union Square.

The shops are virtually all small kiosks and are open-air.  The vendors are very specialized and seem to be mom-and-pop type of operations.


Lots of stuff that looks hand-carved.


There’s a long line of them that goes from one side of the Library to the other…or almost all the way.


It actually ends on the south side at a pretty large Christmas tree.


Not as grand as Rockefeller Center’s, though.  (Note, I didn’t go to the lighting on Wednesday night.  That place is unapproachable by the time I get off work.  It’s much better to watch at home…not that I did, but it’s the only way to see that spectacle.)

The shops are also adjacent to the free ice skating rink (well, you can rent skates for a price but it’s free if you bring your own and are willing to wait to get on the ice).


But I’ll show that in another post.


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2 Comments on “Bryant Park Gift Shops”

  1. sweetnoise Says:

    heh… I envy you

  2. famousankles Says:


    I appreciate the sentiment. I do love NYC and enjoy all the places and things that I can do here. Merry Christmas!

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