A NYC Christmas Window

I need a new chair.  Hey, it’s NYC and there are lots of places to buy chairs!  Right?  Well, how come I’m having such a tough time?  Ehhh, it doesn’t matter.

I decided to go down to ABC Furniture at Broadway and 19th Street to see if they had an acceptable chair.  The store is huge (by Manhattan standards) at six floors and is about as eclectic as you could ever hope for.  The store is so eclectic, it’s on two sides of the street!  Rugs on the west side, everything else on the east.  It has a wonderful selection and has the coolest floors around.  Old stuff.  Big herringbone in some areas, creaky old floorboards painted white in others.  It isn’t your standard mall anchor store or your suburban furniture place.  Honest to goodness, the place has character.  It doesn’t, however, have a chair that I like.

Anyway, as I was leaving I started looking at their windows in the front and saw a Christmas window that beats everybody else’s.  I haven’t been by very many so far this year, but they are always similar.  This store has the one I truly love.


It’s as if they remember what Christmas is really all about.

But you have to remember, this is NYC.  Other windows are more Buddhist and New Age than anything else and there’s an awful lot of Hindu stuff in the store.  But they did have actual Christmas music playing (not “holiday music”, but Christmas music).


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