Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem

Marcus Garvey Park is just south of 124th Street and is somewhat between 5th Avenue and Lenox (there are actually some smaller streets there whose names I can’t remember.  You can look it up under a mapping site if you’re really interested, though.

Marcus Garvey Park

The area is pretty nice.  There are some apartment buildings (kinda blah), some older residential buildings and churches (also blah), and some brownstones (nice, nice, nice).

Anyway, I was looking through some additional photos from my recent Harlem jaunt and found the one in the above link.  It isn’t a particularly interesting picture, but the park has a link to a recent news story and I wanted to provide a little visual context. 

I wasn’t aware of it, but each Friday night for a very long time (from what the article indicated), drummers have gathered in the park to do weekly celebrations.  And share it with the neighbors.  The area is gentrifying big time and the locals have grown overly weary of the drumming.  Apparently, they’ve finally come to an agreement to push the drummers further into the park and give the residents some acoustic relief.

Good luck, but the park ain’t that big, folks.  And further in that park means higher.


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