Brooke Astor has died

I never knew her, never saw her, and barely knew she existed until hearing the terrible stories about how she was being mistreated by her son.

But, she done good stuff.  Real good stuff.  She was one of the backers of….well, almost all the cool cultural stuff in NYC.  I won’t list them here.  What I’ll remark about is the New York Public Library and how there’s a special little bench area, halfway up the stairs in the grand hall of the building.  (It’s to the right as you go in.)  I’ve sat there several times and just viewed a nice view of a grand building’s entryway and thought good thoughts about the woman that particular bench is dedicated to.  Her name’s in a number of parts of the building but I have an affinity for that bench.  I’ll post a picture soon.

Brooke Astor, dead at 105.  Thank you so very much Mrs. Astor.  And rest in peace.


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3 Comments on “Brooke Astor has died”

  1. Cuzin Cathy Says:

    What an improvement with the new camera — the pics are wonderful! Its neat to see some of the parades you mention.

    I have an idea. Go to the top of the Empire State Bldg or some other tall observation deck and take some pics from there. It would be interesting to see what show up.

    Have fun out there!

  2. […] Astor and the New York Public Library I promised an update to my earlier Brooke Astor post.  Today, I went to the NY Public Library at 5th Avenue and 41st Street to see if I could get a […]

  3. Janelle S Says:

    Great read thaanks

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