Ah, life is a little easier…

This evening, I came up with a solution for the picture problem I’ve been having and complaining about:  my pictures wouldn’t fit into the blog space.  I fooled around for a while and stumbled upon a simple solution (inserting a width command into the HTML).  I had tried something similar early on, but didn’t get an adequate view and gave up…my bad.

I’ve been going through my old posts and re-doing them to let the pictures show naturally.  You may find occasional missed comments where I state that you need to click the picture to get the full view.  Actually, you will get a somewhat larger picture if you do click it, so the post is still accurate.

It’s nice to eliminate a minor, but very annoying, problem.  Of course, now I have to edit the HTML of every post with a picture (not hard, but I’ve gotten to tolerate the GUI WordPress provides and going to the code is a small pain.


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