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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2007

Yes, I did get to the Macy’s Parade today.  It’s a true madhouse.  The place I was at was more than 30 people deep in line.  It’s an intersection of 72nd Street and Central Park.  The street goes into the park and is blocked off from traffic so people just fill up the road.

I’ll be blogging about it in a day or two.  I was toward the back of the crowd and saw just the tops of floats and, of course, the balloons.  It’s my third time there, but I must admit that TV provides an infinitely better view.  Nevertheless, it is always fun to be there.

Anyway, I’ve got dinner being delivered later and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


Veterans Day

November 11, 2007

I did go to the NYC Veterans Day Parade and will cover it in a later post.  But for today’s post, a remembrance.

My Dad in his B-66 Destroyer (he piloted the RB-66 reconnaisance and, later, EB-66 electronic warfare versions of that since-retired jet).


My brother in front of his C-130 in Germany.  1979.



Back On-line

November 6, 2007

I’ve been trying to do a post every day and have gone nearly 3 months with an unbroken streak.  Yesterday, the modem busted and I couldn’t do the post.

But I’m back on-line and posting.  I don’t know how much longer at this pace, but we’ll see.


Problem with posting

October 18, 2007

Nothing seems to be printing.  Will try tomorrow.  (Looks like I’ve lost some posts.)

So much to write about…

September 5, 2007

Just to let you know that I’m still at work writing up several posts on the West Indian Day parade.  Lots of photos.  Too many, in fact.  I’ve heard that its the biggest parade in NYC, but I heard the same about the Puerto Rican Day Parade.  I have no choice to leave it to someone with time to count marchers and viewers.

Someone told me they were expecting 3 million for the West Indian Day Parade.  I walked almost the entire route, it didn’t look like 3 million; but it was huge.

I’m also working up some posts on Brooklyn Heights.  It was a busy weekend.  I’m trying to keep up a post per day, though.  This one doesn’t count, though.