Bowling Green Subway Station

Every so often I visit an old familiar place and then find something new about it. Okay, virtually every time I think I know a place and then start looking for something new about it, I find something new about it. This time I was in Battery Park, the furthest southern point on Manhattan and as I was looking for the local subway station, I found it and got myself a new sight.

Ain’t it purty? In a way, it reminds me of the Alamo. I suspect Sam Houston and Santa Ana would beg to disagree, but its that little arch over the doorway. (Yes, for those history buffs, I’m aware that the popular impression of the Alamo, which is a church, was only one of the buildings in the area and that the other buildings may have been of far greater import during that battle.)

It’s a tiny little building, this Bowling Green subway station, but it’s a passageway down to a much larger area.

The Bowling Green station isn’t necessarily the further south station, although it is located at Battery Park, which is really the further south area of Manhattan. I believe the South Ferry station is just a hair further south.


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