Holy Rosary Church in Spanish Harlem

During my recent wanderings of Spanish Harlem, I saw a sight that I knew was special. On 119th Street, just outside of the “Italian Harlem” area, was a nice looking church. I took just one picture. I figured it would just be another picture in my Spanish Harlem posting.

Wrong. It’s the Holy Rosary Church and I found it interesting enough to give it a solo post.  It turns out that it wasn’t part of the Italian Harlem area at all, but was founded by German and Irish worshippers in 1884 and the present building was done in 1900. 

I found a number of interesting things about the place.  First, it is a wonderful and impressive structure.  Second, according to the article I found on it, as late as 1975 it was doing Masses in English, Spanish, and Italian.  (I just like that idea.  Unfortunately, now it is just English and Spanish.)  Third, the website of the Church is a dead link.  C’mon guys, get with the program.  [UPDATE 8/8/08:  the website is active again.]  And, fourth, the place was locked up as tight as can be on a Saturday afternoon.  That’s sad.


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9 Comments on “Holy Rosary Church in Spanish Harlem”

  1. Pierce Says:

    Thanks for posting our church in your blog. The link to our web site is http://www.nyholyrosary.org/

    The link in your blog was dead because it was missing the “www” in the URL. The church will undergo a renovation starting September and will be more readily accessible. For more info about our church, please visit our web site or read related media articles found below:



    We will link your site in our web site under “Press Room. Thank you.

  2. Fr. Gilbert Says:

    Famous, our Pairish Web site is not a dead link.
    click http://www.nyholyrisary.org
    God bless.

    Fr. Gilbert Luis R. Centina III, OSA

  3. Fr. Gilbert Says:

    Our Web site is http://www.nyholyrosary.org


  4. Famous Ankles Says:

    Fr. Gilbert,
    I appreciate it, but the link still comes up empty.

  5. pierce Says:


    the web site is down for maintenance. should be back within the next 24 hours.

  6. Fr. Gilbert Says:

    Famous, the Web site is now perfectly working.
    Go to http://www.nyholyrosary.org
    God bless us all.

  7. Famous Ankles Says:

    Fr. Gilbert,
    Great! I’ve been looking for it and I’m glad you’ve got it going.

    I concur, God bless us all.


  8. Fr. Gilbert Says:

    When you come to Holy Rosary, look for me. I´d be happy to open the church for you. God bless.

  9. jim Oconnor Says:


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