Howitzers Celebrating the Fourth of July in Battery Park

I looked for it; honest, I did. But I didn’t see any notice of the event. Last year, I had wandered down to Battery Park on the 4th of July and found a group of guys in olde style military outfits and some guys from the National Guard just firing off some howitzers.

There was a purpose to it, even in NYC we don’t fire howitzers without reason.

This was a ceremony in which each State is called out in the order it joined the Union and a howitzer is fired in its honor. Loud. Oh yeah; fireworks have nothing on a howitzer from 10 feet away.

Despite no notice, I found them where I expected ’em.

You couldn’t get right up to the artillery, but that’s okay. There were three guns and each had some blank ammo next to it.

Yeah, blank. Otherwise, look at the direction they were aiming. We ain’t shooting Lady Liberty here.

It turned out that they weren’t going to start until noon. Noon! It was only 10am when I was there. I had other things to do than plug my ears with my fingers.

But it is a good show. Next year I plan to get there in a timely manner.


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4 Comments on “Howitzers Celebrating the Fourth of July in Battery Park”

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