NYC Fourth of July 2008 (or about 3/4 of one)

Happy 4th to you…although I’m posting this so late it probably won’t be seen by anyone until the 5th. But that’s okay. I only got to see about 75% of the fireworks (although I saw the whole show) so, on balance, seeing 3/4’s of the fourth on the fifth is the fourth. Right?

That’s way too wordy and idiotic. I oughta just delete it, but it’s late and I need to make my post.

Anyway, I went out to see the fireworks, but there was something of a problem.

Yeah, a building was partially in the way. So, I only got to see about 3/4’s of any explosion.

It was also raining a little. Fortunately, not enough to spoil the show, but enough to make the end of the fireworks highly anticipated so we could get out of it.

There only seemed to be one boat firing off the fireworks (it was anchored in the middle of the East River). I should have recorded the TV show to see if there were others further to the south. I looked to see if I could detect another one, but didn’t see anything.

The bit that was interesting was before the show, we could see lots of fireworks going off miles and miles away in Brooklyn and Queens. A couple of them seemed to be pretty big shows. I suppose one of them could have been in Coney Island (I believe I’ve heard it has a good show, too). But the East River show is the big’un.

The show was done well. It escalated nicely and there were a few well-deserved gasps when it hit the occasional cresendo. The crowds at the center of the action usually have a musical accompaniment; but nothing for us on the far edges of the show.


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