The Yale Club and Nathan Hale

At Vanderbilt Avenue and 46th Street (right across the street from Grand Central, on the west side) is a nice little place with the initials YC.

It’s the Yale Club. There are a whole bunch of these little university-based clubs in NYC. The only one I’ve been to was the Princeton Club, but that was by invitation from a vendor at my company (the vendor’s owner was, I think, a member).

But the site is more than the current location of the Yale Club. I recently spotted the plaque below just at the edge of the building.

It reads “At the British artillery Park near this site, Nathan Hale, Captain in the U.S. Army, Yale Graduate of 1773, apprehended within enemy lines while seeking information, was executed on the morning of September 22, 1776. His last words were ‘I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country’ Erected by Mary Washington Colonial Capter, D.A.R. and the Yale Club of New York”

I hadn’t realized it had taken place so close to where I live. Nor had I ever realized how early in the Revolution that his hanging had occured, only about 3 months into it.


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2 Comments on “The Yale Club and Nathan Hale”

  1. Ygor Says:

    Yay state fairs!! I don’ t know where/when Washington’s is, but I’m going to the Puyallup fair sometime this month and I’m super exticed. We have deep fried ravioli in NY, but we just call them fried ravioli. They’re yummy. I’ve been thinking of you & Dan all week, since I’ve been crazy busy the last couple of days and haven’t been able to check in. *hugs*The card is interesting, because I was telling my roommate stories tonight about my grandfather and what happened when he died, and how my tattoo is now my reminder of him and my connection with him. I also feel that his spirit is hanging around occasionally. I don’t know how often or what situations he chooses, but there are times I can just feel him near me. I think the other application for me is that I’ve felt really displaced since I got here, really sad and unsettled and unstable, but I know that I’m going to put roots down and really enjoy living here. It’s that balance.

  2. share Says:

    Pleasing to find someone who can think like that

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