Lever House Redux

Well, NYC is always changing and Lever House has updated its pretty bad artwork (at least in my estimation) with equal artwork (also in my estimation).

But they moved it indoors! I guess that’s what they consider progress.

I’m not any sort of art critic, but I know what I find interesting versus non-interesting. The new artist’s work this time isn’t bad in any aesthetic sense. It’s actually interesting in one or two ways. But not sufficiently so.

First, the good part. They removed the gutted “Virgin Mother” and put in some plants.

I fully approve. Nice planting. Kudos to the grounds staff.

The new artwork is inside the Lever House lobby. Artist Richard Dupont has a display going on until May 3 where he made a series of images of himself, in a sort of sculpture. Actually, into nine identical life-sized (I suppose) sculptures of himself. But they aren’t identical and they aren’t life-sized. Each is supposed to be different and only looks life-sized from one angle. What that means is that they are squashed thin or flat or not-squashed depending on the angle. Oh, and the figures are all naked.

When I looked at it, the place wasn’t open to the public so I couldn’t take a closer look. All I could really see was that they were actually pretty well done, but I don’t understand the point of the “squashing”. There’s some text in the window that says “Dupont has created nine self-portraits that are laterally and horizontally manipulated so that they are radically distorted and can be only be seen as an accurate, complete body from one vantage point.” If the point of the sculpture is that we can’t use one viewpoint to truly know the man…that ain’t news. In fact, it is more accurate to portray that sort of thing by showing that no angle and no single or multiple perspective really gives you a true view of the man, naked or not. Not even of ourselves. The real truth is that we are unknowable.

But what do I know? I guess I’m just an ankler who is jealous that other people get to do such interpretations at Lever House.

I do have to admit that I am looking forward to the future of Lever House artwork. We’ve had a nude, giant, gutted, pregnant woman. And we’ve had squashed, mostly-life-sized, naked men. I’m betting on hundreds of miniature, shaved dogs and cats in some form for the next exhibit. Ever seen a shaved collie? Or maybe they get clothes like Barbie. (She’s got plenty of outfits to spare.) Malibu Poodle!

Actually, I might like that, so it won’t happen. I’ll keep an eye out, though.


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