La Plaza Cultural in Alphabet City

I was recently back in Alphabet City in the Lower East Side (AKA, the East Village), and ran into another of the small parks that have sprung up in the area.  These are associated with NYC’s Green Thumb program.  But just being a park ain’t enough to make me take a picture of it; instead, I need something a hair different in some way.


And I think having strange and bizarre stuff on the top of the fence does qualify.

It’s La Plaza Cultural, located on East 9th Street and Avenue C.  Their website doesn’t seem to say a word about the fence, so maybe they don’t think it’s worthy of comment.

I think it is.


I mean, just look at what’s there.




The interior of La Plaza is bigger than most, but mostly unremarkable.


Well, it is winter, but that’s still awfully sparse.


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