Flag of Heroes in Grand Central

I was recently in Grand Central and noticed something that I hadn’t seen before.


If you look to the right side of the above, you’ll see an American flag in a frame.  When I saw it, I wondered what it was about.  Having framed pictures on the wall isn’t really one of those things you see.

I took a closeup of it and saw that it really isn’t a “real” flag, but rather an artistic representation called “Flag of Heroes”.  The “flag contains the names of the emergency services personnel who gate their lives to save others in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.”

You can see their names in small print on the red stripes.


It turns out that this is a commercially available flag.  That just strikes me as unusual for the City to have in a public space.  However, the proceeds seem to be strickly earmarked to charitable projects.


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