Happy Chinese New Year

With a population as big as NYC, you know that there are communities celebrating something at almost every day of the year.  Well, the 7th is Chinese New Year and I was down in Chinatown over the weekend looking at their first preparations for the festival.

It was the 5th Annual Flower Market.


The event was held at the lower edge of Chinatown in Columbus Park.  It didn’t consist of much, but the tenting was a nice touch.


I did get inside and found a rather crowded and festive group doing nothing but…selling flowers and plants.


Lots of people of all sorts were there, predominantly Chinese but not exclusively.


As you can tell, they were having a good time.


And what year will it be?  2007 was the Year of the Pig.  Let’s follow up with an equally interesting animal year!


Yep.  2008 is the Year of the Rat!  A good NYC kind of year, I’d say.

On the other hand, and in news more immediate to me, it’s Ash Wednesday. That’s the traditional beginning of Lent. I saw a lot of people with the sign of the Cross on their foreheads. As for me, I’m a little too low an Episcopalian for it.


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