I didn’t go to the Ticker Tape Parade.

I seem to go to all of the parades, but today’s celebration of the New York Giants Superbowl victory is one I missed.  It’s too bad.  I’d have really gotten into it as ticker tape parades have perhaps the greatest visuals of any parade anywhere…despite no one actually using ticker tape on Wall Street anymore.  I know, I know.  I’ve let down my readers who expect even the tiniest of parades to be covered. 

Unfortunately, the need for cash on a regular basis through the mechanism of “employment” made it disadvantageous to go.  In other words:  I had to work.  Woe is me.

I was down in the Financial District yesterday and actually walked part of the parade route.  I was at a business meeting and rued the idea that the meeting was a day early.  Of course, there’s no way on earth that I could have gotten to the meeting on time, had it been today.

 I did hear that the crowds were lining up before 7am (for an 11am parade).  I heard stories of the traditional wild-eyed football fans painted blue and of parents taking kids out of school to go.  Those seem a bit extreme.


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One Comment on “I didn’t go to the Ticker Tape Parade.”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Famous — so sorry that work had to interfere with your intrepid reporting of all things New York. Would have loved to hear a first hand report of the ticker tape parade.

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