More on the Snow Day

I call it “Snow Day”, but it isn’t as if anybody got off that day.  It was just nice to see the snow.  It’s gone now, of course.

When I was over at Times Square, I saw the traditional view of Toys R Us:  a long, long line.


It went all the way to the end of the block and a little around the corner.  This is at about 9:30am.


I guess they’re fond of their children to put up with that.

After Church, I was walking past Sixth Avenue and saw the Christmas display at McGraw-Hill Company.  Others were already there snapping photos of their friend and I decided to join in.


I then walked over to Rockefeller Center.  I wasn’t there for the lighting, but the tree’s lit the whole season.  This is a little after noon on Sunday.  The pictures from the south.  The open area is where the Today Show does its outdoor segments.


When you get close, you find that the only ornamentation on the tree are the bulbs.  Nothing else (except the star on top).  I guess I’m just more excited to see a big tree in Manhattan rather than a lit-up tree.

I circled the rink.  Look at the crowd watching the skaters.


I think there were six skaters on it at the time.

From the east, looking toward the rink area:


Once again, I’m sharing the picture spot with others photographing friends/family.  The view of the angels is impressive, though.


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