New York City First Snow Day this Fall

Hurray!  It snowed.  Not a great whopper of a storm, but a nice dusting that actually stuck around for a few hours or most of the day.

Here’s a couple of shots in Tudor City on 41st Street.



The above were taken around 9:15 am or so.  I then cut over to 42nd Street and headed westward.  As I was walking by Grand Central, I noticed a sight you’ll see everywhere that a surprise snow hits:  a woman in sandals.  Not unique to NYC as I’ve seen that sort of thing in other cities, but I always wonder about it.  It wasn’t that much of a surprise.

Speaking of Grand Central, just a wintry shot of the southwest entrance.


I then went to Church at Times Square Church again (I’m starting to go there more regularly now).  I actually have gotten a seat twice in a row – both times in the nosebleed section, but I vastly prefer it to the annex area I used to go to in the basement.

Something you never see at Times Square Church during a Sunday morning:  a front area unjammed with people.


It’s actually to the left of the McDonalds, but the real annex is above the McDonalds.

Don’t pay any attention to the lack of people in the front.  As usual, the service was packed!  As usual, very vibrant.

More snow postings to come, probably tomorrow.


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