The Box in NYC

As much as I wander the streets of NYC and as much as I think I know the City…I know almost nothing.

Here’s a place just off Rivington Street in the Lower East Side (LES).  Whattaya think of it?


There’s not even a sign.  I’m not sure which door the the real entrance (the address is 189 Chrystie Street so I presume it is the far door).  It’s “The Box”, a NYC hot-spot club that I walked by a bunch of times and kind of tut-tutted over the grafitti.  I had no idea.

It’s got a somewhat interesting website at that describes the place as a place for “fine dining and theater”.  But this really isn’t telling you anything about it.

I first heard about the place when I was at a juggling store called Dube (a future post, I imagine).  I do some juggling and was looking for some juggling balls for a little cousin.  I ran into a character whom I thought was an employee, but it turned out to be a performer by the name of Flambeaux  (note that some of his site has stuff that is…not G-rated) who works with fire as part of his show.  We got into a short but terrific conversation and he described working at The Box and how it looks terrible on the outside and magnificent on the inside.  I haven’t been inside, but his word on the outside is correct.


The back of this place was on my previous posting on Freeman Alley.

Someday I’m gonna go in and see how it looks.  Of course, this is the sort of place that tends to keep my uncool sort out.  Not a real problem.  I just think of all the places that look like this when I wander the streets and wonder what they are like inside.  You never know.


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2 Comments on “The Box in NYC”

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  2. cindy Says:

    The Orgy Show starts in May at the Duvet Bedroom Theater. See

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