Freeman Alley in the Lower East Side (LES)

A while ago, someone pointed out “Freeman Alley”, a tiny little alley just off Rivington Street.  I haven’t thought about it in quite a while.  T’other day, I was wandering around and about LES and saw it, and spent about 90 seconds wandering the length and width and breadth of the alley-way.  Let’s see if I can get an actual posting of nothing but an alley.

There’s not much to it.  Here’s a picture that pretty much covers the whole length.


It’s got a couple of restaurants and stores back here, all apparently hot-spots of some sort.  I can say it has some terrific graffiti.


I’m glad Jonny’s doing okay…okay, that he’s at least alive.


I would have ignored it, but it kept my attention.


Apart from the LES grittiness, there is at least one straight-out nice looking place.


I believe it’s a restaurant.

Okay, not much of a post, but it leads to another small post I’ll do in a couple of days.  In that last shot, just to the right is the back of a place called “The Box”.  I had never heard of it until I ran into someone who was working there.  I’ve become rather intrigued by it, but I doubt I’ll ever go to it.

But, that’s the subject of another post.


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2 Comments on “Freeman Alley in the Lower East Side (LES)”

  1. […] The back of this place was on my previous posting on Freeman Alley. […]

  2. […] is a restaurant at the far end of Freeman Alley. After an intense Korean BBQ experience near our hotel, we made it here just in time for last call. […]

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