A little too weird

Just a very quick post on the most unusual thing I’ve seen in a while.  I was on the subway recently and had to change to the Shuttle to get from Times Square to Grand Central.  As I was going through the Times Square station, the usual spot for entertainers was in use by a Michael Jackson impersonator.  I’ve seen him lots; he plays a DVD of MJ music and dances while in costume.  He’s very talented and quite a showman.

But…what about the group behind him?

A bunch of clowns.  At first I thought they had “dibs” on the space after the impersonator.  I’ve never seen such a group and thought their schtick might be a bit interesting so I stuck around for a couple of songs.  There was a break in the music (they passed the bucket, I gave a buck – hey, I took his picture) and the clowns just started walking around.  And it looked like the impersonator was far from done.

One of the clowns passed by me and I spoke up and asked him if they were doing some street performing.  “No,” he answered, “we’re just dressed up as clowns and walking around.”  (A little paraphrasing there as I didn’t write it down word for word.)

I presume he was just kidding me…but I’ve been agog with the idea that the next big fashion statement to come out of New York City is to dress like a clown.  America, are you ready for it?


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