Flowers on Taxis in NYC

All cabs are yellow…unless you look at the hoods/trunks/roofs nowadays.

It seems that something like 5% to 15% of all cabs have this sort of flower stencil on them nowadays.  I started noticing it a couple of weeks ago and it turns out that from Sept to December, the taxicabs are celebrating 100 years of motorized service in NYC with some colorful additions to the topsides of some cabs.  The painting is done by a group of disabled children and their supporters.

The paint job is a handpainted decal.  It makes for an interesting sight to see on an occasional cab, although I think it’s better to keep them non-universal.  That would be a bit much.

I’ve only seen one taxi with the hood, roof, and trunk decorated. If it has the decal, it will always be on the hood. The ones with just the hood and not the trunk decorated seem to be lessening.

I don’t know how many patterns there are.  I’ve seen as few as one flower to as many as three.



You can see writing on them.  It’s from the children that paint the decals. 


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One Comment on “Flowers on Taxis in NYC”

  1. Gomi Says:

    How do you create a hand painted decal?

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