Brooke Astor and the New York Public Library

I promised an update to my earlier Brooke Astor post.  Today, I went to the NY Public Library at 5th Avenue and 41st Street to see if I could get a picture of the bench in the Library’s main entryway.  Here’s the outside.  The lions continue to stand guard.

New York Public Library Lion

I went inside.  Security checks everyone’s bags but I had none, so I scooted in quickly.  Unfortunately, there is a ban on flash photography.  The light was marginal but I didn’t want to take flash pictures in front of the guards at the entrance, so the pictures aren’t particularly good.

As you go in, there are grand stairs to the left and to the right.  You go to the first landing on the right staircase, and there’s a large stone plaque (whose picture didn’t come out at all) and the bench.

Brooke Astor bench in the NY Public Library

When I continued up the stairs, I got a nicer picture of the entranceway.

Library grand entrance

And there was a display for Mrs. Astor.

Astor display

So, where are the books?  Actually, this branch of the Library is more the research area (and I presume the administrative departments).  If you want to find your standard novels and biographies, go across the street.


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