Minor feats of levitation

Just a picture of a couple of people who wanted a good view of some street performers.  This was taken right next to the New York Public Library.

Watching street performers

The guy on the left is actually in a suit and tie.  I’m really not sure how they got up there. 

  1. It really was too much of a jump for someone in a suit and neither seemed to have someone available nearby to boost them up. 
  2. The green tarped item to the right didn’t appear steady enough for someone to risk it. 
  3. They could have gotten onto the ledge at the far left and shimmied down to their location, but that’s a pretty obnoxious thing to do to the big crowd to the far left. 
  4. If they could have gotten onto that side from the other side, why didn’t they stay on the other side?

 Mysterious NYC!  (But, that’s how I like it.)


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