Times Square on a Sunday Morning

As usual for a Sunday morning, I went to Church.  We ended up with about 16 attendees.  The sermon was on faith.  Of course, aren’t they all to some degree?

An interesting but unimportant, visual about today’s service was that someone had one wing-ding (I do have a fondness for old phrases) of a wedding yesterday and the place was pretty full of leftover flowers.  Big ones.  Near the alter, the arrangements were perhaps 8 feet wide (I was told they were gladiolas).  Unfortunately, time and the weather wasn’t being kind to them and some of the arrangements were in major wilting condition.  I don’t envy the cleanup the priests and ushers will have over the next few days.

Prior to the service, I wandered about Times Square. I did notice a small crowd of people sitting around one of the theaters.  They didn’t look particularly dangerous or disgruntled.  Nor did they look like actors waiting for an audition.

Waiting crowd in Times Square

I’ve seen a number of odd things go on in Times Square on early Sunday mornings (my favorite was a car commercial complete with smudgepots and a racecar going down the “deserted” street).  I’ve seen protests and I’ve seen partiers.  Was something up?  Nah, the people were just getting in early for the play “Legally Blonde”.  I didn’t have the heart to ask them whether they had tickets or were just waiting for the chance to buy tickets.  I think the show’s pretty popular so maybe they’re having some sort of wait-in-line-to-get-a-ticket promotion in order to gain the notice of the ignorant (that would be me) and perhaps get them to join in.  Otherwise, there may be some disappointment by the group when they find out it’s already sold-out.

Incidentally, the old cheap tickets place (“TKTS”) used to be right across the street from where they were.  It’s been leveled and something’s going in there.

Times Square - TKTS old location

The two people I spoke with said that there’s a crowd every Sunday here.  The theater’s about a half-block from where I normally go up from 7th Ave. to my church, but I haven’t noticed them before.  Then again, I was never armed with my cool new camera.


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