Grand Central Terminal (Grand Central Station)

My old camera’s ability to take a viewable photo of Grand Central’s peak was….abysmal.  However, with my new camera, I can do a bit better.  The question is whether I can get it to size correctly. (UPDATE:  I’m now using a width and height setting gimmick.  I think it works.)

On the left:  Hercules (Heracles); symbolizing strength.  On the right, Athena; symbolizing wisdom.  In the center, Mercury:  speed and commerce.

Grand Central terminal

Nowadays, the only trains that come into Grand Central are commuter trains and subways.  I always used to call it “Grand Central Station”, which I still do on occasion.  However, the official name was changed long ago to Grand Central Terminal.  The proof is in the picture.  My shorthand for it is usually just “Grand Central”.

One of the things I find interesting about GCT is that the front doors are more historically interesting than they are impressive.

Grand Central Terminal front door

Just after entering, you run into Vanderbilt Hall.  This is just half of it.

Grand Central Vanderbilt Hall

And then, just a little further in, the famous clock (as in “meet me under the clock” which is an old time phrase).  Even today, when you go there, you’ll see dozens of people waiting for others “under the clock”.  The clock is in the “Grand Concourse” area.

Grand Central Terminal clock

Here’s the Grand Concourse itself:

Grand Central Terminal - Grand Concourse
There’s lots and lots more about GCT that I’ll show over time, but it and the Chrysler Building are my two favorite buildings in NYC.  And, I think that’s true of a lot of New Yorkers.

And, wouldn’t you know it, they are right next door to one another.  Okay, not exactly, but yeah, right next door.


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